Five Useful Tips When Your Business Goes Online
18 Aug 2021
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Five Useful Tips When Your Business Goes Online

With the onset of lockdowns and border restrictions, many of us must endure the stay-at-home order to prevent further outbreaks. And as a result, most of us learned and embraced how to purchase online. Food, groceries, electronics and even mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs are now available online.

In a report from the Australia Post Inside Australian Online Shopping, the online consumer growth in June 2021 rose to 4.7% compared to 2020 and 11% higher than May 2021. These numbers only prove that adding a digital component to your business is a must, and it is here to stay. So we list down tips on how you can add a digital element to your existing business.

Set Up Your Digital Store

There are two options when it comes to setting up your online shop. First, set up your e-commerce platform. The second option is to set up a store in an existing e-commerce marketplace like Fishpond, MyDeal, Amazon and eBay. The third option is you can set up on both platforms if your workforce and budget permit.

Go Mobile

When you choose to have your e-commerce platform, make sure that it is optimised for mobile phones. According to Statistica, there are 20.3 million smartphone users across Australia in 2020, and it is projected to reach 21.5 million in 2025. And although desktop users dominate the Australian population with 53.98%, there are still 40.48% smartphones users as of July 2021. So to reach almost everyone, make your website optimised for both.

Be Present on Social Media and Other Digital Platforms

To push your brand online, you should take advantage of platforms where the most potential customers are. But before you go for paid ads and align some budget for boosting and content production, make sure that you find your right audience and know what they want. When you go digital, take note that there are platforms where certain types of audiences flock to.

Be Consistent and Have a Clear Message

And when you’re on digital, your brand has to be very consistent. Promotion online doesn’t stop from just posting about your products and services. It doesn’t work that way. It would be best if you planned your campaigns to align with your brand, seasons, and anything that’s trending.

Ensure Good Quality and Service

According to ACCC or the Australia Competition and Consumer Commission, a company selling online must ensure that its products and services meet Australian safety regulations. Second, it must not be misleading and has no hidden charges and details. Third, businesses must compete fairly to ensure a variety of choices on quality and price. Lastly, the companies must provide genuine guarantees, including the right to seek a replacement, refund, cancellation or compensation and repair as appropriate if there are issues.