Our Brands


When the Solax Mobie first hit the market in 1996, it made a huge impact on the mobility market. The first truly lightweight, easy to fold and reliable travel scooter on the market changed many peoples lives. Since the first appearance of the Mobie and the enormous demand Solax has spent a lot of time and money on research and development and has released a range of niche mobility products. These include the Mobie, Genie Plus, Maleta, Transformer and the Charge. 

Solax has quickly become a major player and the Solax products are available to purchase in most countries with large manufacturing facilities in China. The products available have been carefully selected after visiting the Solax Factory, based on their performance, price and quality.

In 2020 Solax Mobility Scooters Australia and Kymco Mobility Scooters Australia consolidated under Wholesale Mobility offering a wider range of mobility products under one brand.


Founded in 1964, KYMCO started out as a manufacturer for Honda. With the technical expertise that came from Honda, Kymco quickly became one of Honda’s high-quality overseas manufacturing facilities. Over the next two decades, the business relationship grew steadily, and Honda became a significant shareholder of Kymco.

To further diversify and establish its presence in the marketplace, the KYMCO Group has branched out into the medical device industry in 2001, offering electrically operated vehicles such as mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. Today Kymco Mobility Scooters hold the largest market share in both the UK and in Germany, thanks to their high quality, design and competitive pricing. 

In 2016 Kymco Mobility Scooters Australia was founded and started importing the Kymco Brand to Western Australia. In 2020 Solax Mobility Scooters Australia and Kymco Mobility Scooters Australia consolidated under Motobility Wholesale offering a wider range of mobility products under one brand.


The E-Traveller brand was created in 2018 when there was a need to provide a range of lightweight travel equipment, that no one manufacturer could provide. Wholesale Mobility decided to create a new umbrella brand to combine the best lightweight solutions available on the market at any given time. 

These products are sourced from the best manufacturers across China and Taiwan and brought together under the E-Traveller brand. Wherever possible Wholesale Mobility has negotiated exclusive agreements on these products to protect against pricing wars. 

Wholesale Mobility work closely with the manufacturers to customise and adjust each product and perform several tests and trials, before awarding it the E-Traveller name.


The Quingo 5 wheel range offers features and benefits not found with any other mobility scooter. With patented
Quintell™ technologies that combine to make you safer, more comfortable and more confident, your scooter will bring freedom and independence to your life.


Suzhou Sweetrich vehicle industry technology Co.LTD first opened its door in 2011. The state of the art manufacturing facility covers an area of 60 acres with 30,000 square metres of factory space in the Suzhou Industrial Zone, China.

Sweetrich mobility scooters are the newest addition to our range. Sweetrich is known for its drive to push the boundaries in terms of new technology while maintaining a cost effective mobility option. We are proud to have obtained the exclusive rights to the Sweetrich brand in Australia.

All scooters that are produced by Sweetrich are developed and designed in-house with Sweetrich holding all intellectual property rights to them, which means you can rest assured that you get a well-developed product.


Mio is a collection of brands and is aimed at providing affordable everyday core products. All products have been hand-selected from a range of different suppliers to ensure the highest quality and user-friendly designs. Mio includes Walking Sticks, Rollators, Manual Wheelchairs, Over-toilet frames, Chair protectors and more.


ScooterPac is the suppliers of one-of the kind folding all-weather canopy. Designed in two sizes to cater to most mobility scooters currently available on the market. To find out if the ScooterPac suits your scooter, check out the chart below.

Manufactured out of specialised materials that provide long-lasting protection from the elements the ScooterPac will have you covered no matter what. Wholesale Mobility has been awarded distribution rights for Australia in 2018 and is excited to bring this product to dealers and customers Australia wide.