All dealer purchase prices are quoted, excluding freight costs from Wholesale Mobility. We are happy to organise the delivery for you with the transport companies we have accounts with (fixed costs on the invoice) alternatively you are also welcome to organise your own transport.


Wholesale Mobility will endeavour to minimise price changes whenever possible and send updated pricing whenever possible. However, prices may change at any time without notice to the dealer.


Payment is required before delivery at all times
Please note: All goods remain the property of Wholesale Mobility until full payment has been received.


All orders are subject to the availability of products. If for some reason a product is not available, Wholesale Mobility will strive to notify the non-availability to all Dealers. Wholesale Mobility may change the range of products or the specification of any product at any time and without notification to the buyer.


Wholesale Mobility continuously works on improving its products.

Although Wholesale Mobility aims to assure that the product information presented on their website is accurate, complete, and current, Wholesale Mobility does not give any representations or warranties as to its accuracy, completeness or currency of information, and Wholesale Mobility shall not be bound or liable for any incorrect, incomplete, or out-of-date information on this website.

Wholesale Mobility endeavours to perform thorough testing on all their products, but also relies on information from its product manufacturers, and therefore, the information, illustrations and literature are not binding on Wholesale Mobility.

If the goods do not match the description on the Wholesale Mobility website, the dealer should inform Wholesale Mobility promptly so that relevant action can be taken.


All products sold through Wholesale Mobility are covered by warranty. Please refer to the below guide for further information on warranty periods and conditions.
The warranty excludes labour and/or urgent shipping charges incurred in replacement part supply, installation or repair.

Alterations to any products or parts by the dealer or customer will void the warranty.

6.1.1. Scooters, Powerchairs & Electric Wheelchairs
Wholesale Mobility offers a 12-month warranty on all major products from the date on our invoice, subject to our terms and conditions. To help our dealers, we also offer up to 6 months additional “Shop Floor Warranty” so you are covered for 12 months from the date that you sell the product to your customer. To receive this additional warranty, complete a Warranty Registration Card and email it to sales@wholesalemobility.com.au within 7 days of your sale.

That is 12 months from the date of sale to the end-user listed on your warranty registration card provided you sell them within 6 months of purchasing them from us (date of invoice).

After 6 months have passed from the date you purchased a scooter from us (invoice date) the 12-month "customer" warranty starts
Example A: Mobility Guys buy a Kymco Maxer on 1/1/2020 and sell it on 30/3/2020 the scooter will be covered by warranty until 30/3/2021
Example B: Mobility Guys buy a Kymco Maxer on 1/1/2020 and sell it on 1/8/2020 the scooter will be covered by warranty until 1/7/2021

The warranty for repairs is 3 months from the date of repair or the remainder of the 12-month warranty period for the initial purchase, whichever is greater.

6.1.2. Accessories & Parts
Carry a 12-month warranty provided they are installed and used correctly

6.1.3. Batteries
Please refer to 6.1.1 Scooters, Powerchairs & Electric Wheelchairs for Warranty periods and 6.3 Batteries for Battery claim information.

To claim under warranty a dealer must inform Wholesale Mobility by email about the faulty part or product. The email must include images/video of the defective part or product, proof of purchase and the serial number of the product.

If there is a warranty claim, it is the dealer's responsibility to arrange and pay for the transportation of the items to the address advised by Wholesale Mobility. If the fault is deemed to be a manufacturer's fault, replacement parts will be sent to the dealer with Wholesale Mobility covering the freight costs.

Should the whole scooter need to be returned, it is to be returned at the dealer's expense. Wholesale Mobility will then assess the product to determine the nature of the issue and whether it is a genuine warranty claim. If deemed to be a manufacturer's fault, the scooter will be repaired or replaced and will be sent to the dealer with Wholesale Mobility covering the freight cost.

Sometimes we may have to forward the product to the manufacturer or liaise with them. Before a claim is processed, we require proof of purchase from you and the serial number. We will do our best to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

If there is a claim for batteries the dealer needs to supply Wholesale Mobility with a report from an acceptable battery tester, the cost of replacement batteries will then be credited to the dealer's account.

Consumable parts e.g. Brushes, Light globes, tyres, etc
Damages caused by poor wheel alignment
Damages caused by user misuse (e.g. exceeded weight capacity) or accidents


All credit claims and returns for the incorrect supply of stock items OR incorrect pricing must be received via email within 14 days of receiving items from Wholesale Mobility.

The dealer must notify Wholesale Mobility of any returns in advance. Shipments without pre-approval will not be accepted by Wholesale Mobility.
Wholesale Mobility will not accept the return of stock items unless faulty or incorrectly supplied. Wholesale Mobility will not cancel orders for scripted products once they are received and an order has been placed.


The dealer shall hold in strict confidence Wholesale Mobility dealer pricing.


Incoming goods must be inspected for apparent shipping damage. Where damage is evident details must be noted on the consignment note at the time of receipt, so the carrier is held accountable unless proven otherwise. It is the responsibility of the dealer to seek reimbursement for any damage caused by carriers from the carrier.


Wholesale Mobility reserves the right to implement Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP). MAP prices are the minimum price a product is allowed to be advertised for. If MAP pricing is not adhered to, no products will be supplied to the offending store. This protects the equity in the Brand name.

Changes to these Conditions of Use Wholesale Mobility holds the right to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time by publishing the changed terms on their website. When revised the Terms & Conditions are posted on this website, all orders submitted by the buyer after the amended Terms & Conditions are published shall be subject to the amended Terms & Conditions.