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Founded in 1964, KYMCO started out as a manufacturer for Honda.

With the technical expertise that came from Honda, Kymco quickly became one of Honda's high-quality overseas manufacturing facilities. Over the next two decades, the business relationship grew steadily, and Honda became a significant shareholder of Kymco.

In 1992, KYMCO began their branded product, while still being independently developed by Honda. After 28 years of close collaboration, Kymco started focusing on developing and marketing their brand globally.

To further diversify and establish its presence in the marketplace, the KYMCO Group has branched out into the medical device industry in 2001, offering electrically operated vehicles such as mobility scooters and power-wheelchairs. Today Kymco Mobility Scooters hold the largest market share in both the UK and in Germany, thanks to their high quality, design and competitive pricing.

In 2016 Kymco Mobility Scooters Australia was founded and started importing the Kymco Brand to Western Australia.

In 2020 Kymco Mobility Scooters and Solax Mobility Scooters consolidated under Wholesale Mobility offering a wider range of mobility products under one brand.