Four Reasons Why Your Brands Should Be on YouTube
21 Jan 2021
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Four Reasons Why Your Brands Should Be on YouTube

Four Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be On Youtube

When it comes to promoting your brand online, whether it’s retail or wholesale, social media is one of the most reliable tools every brand can depend on. And when you say social media, Facebook is KING! But aside from the ubiquitous blue app, another platform that you should also get your content on is YouTube! Yes, YouTube or YT is the video-sharing platform where you can entice, encourage, engage and interact with potential clients and even earn from it when you’re eligible!

Before you skip the intro like you skip that ad before you play your video, we ask: why should your brand be on Youtube? Here are four reasons:

Huge Network

When you want potential customers to know you exist, you go to where the people are! According to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, the platform has 2 billion active users as of May 2020 and 1 billion hours of content viewed per day. We are not saying you’ll be able to get them all and you wouldn’t want to, but more on that later. People are consuming video content according to their interest. So if your business is mobility products, you create contents that are related to it or of interest to users of these products, and there goes point number two!

Brand Niche

Some brands have successfully thrived on YouTube by building it on particular niches. Having an exact niche makes it easier to narrow your focus and hit the key points for that target group. Research the keywords that work well with your brand and your industry, put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about what search terms you would search for to find what you are selling. If you know who your audiences are, stick to them and feed them with content that they can digest. What’s good about YouTube is it is data-driven. Thus, your every move must be based on data gathered, which is readily available for your interpretation on the YouTube platform. Moreover, as a social media platform, you can also interact with your subscribers or potential customers through likes, dislikes, shares exchange convos on each video’s comment section.

Uncut Narratives

When you know which target to hit, you know how to calibrate your weapon. And on YouTube, content is your weapon, and you should have a variety of it in your arsenal. Brand promotion in Youtube is long-form, and that means one brand can tell the narrative of their message, mission, and core values in unfiltered, uncut and uncropped ways! You can create your series, get influencers as your main actors, use your employees to shine the light on your brilliant customer service, unbox your products in creative ways and many more. Do as you please so just keep firing your creative bullets!

Earn When You’re Eligible

YouTube is not only a tool to promote your brand; you can also earn big bucks from it! This platform allows active users to monetise their channels by running ads in their videos. Your channels must have at least 1000 subscribers and have accrued 4000 watch hours within one year to be eligible for their monetisation program. So that means one thing: you have an ROI while promoting your brand online.

Have we convinced you to sign up for a YouTube channel? Then go ahead and start producing quality video contents that are shareable, useful, entertaining, influential and even life-changing!