Seven Reasons Why Your Business Needs Facebook Ads
30 Mar 2021
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Seven Reasons Why Your Business Needs Facebook Ads

Seven Reasons Why Your Business Needs Facebook Ads

If you are using your Facebook fan page just for organic traffic, you are missing a lot. No, you won’t reach your intended audience by messaging all friends to like and share your posts. That strategy is not enough as Facebook’s algorithm is not programmed that way. Did you know that it only reaches around 3% of your followers when you post content? 

In this day and age, having a fan page for your business isn’t about just posting your products and services almost every day. You need to step up your game and start doing what other companies have been doing - to utilise the power of Facebook ads. 

We made a list of why you should set up a Facebook Business Manager and start running ads. 

Your Audience Are On Facebook

According to Statistica, Facebook users in Australia have been increasing throughout the years. By 2022, about 40% of the Australian population or roughly 11.5 million people, will be on Facebook. So just imaging the possibilities of reaching your customer online when you start running your ads. 

Facebook Ad Is Affordable

Another good thing about advertising on Facebook is its price point. It is way cheaper than buying a TV or radio spot and full-page magazine ad. In fact, running an ad on FB costs only $1 per day! When you run your ad, you have the power over your budget to control how much to spend on a certain ad. You can also control the duration of your promotion. 

Facebook Ad Works

If it’s ROI you want, you have come to the right place. In an article from, it is mentioned that in a survey conducted by Social Fresh, Firebrand Group and Simply Measured in March 2016, almost 95.8% of social media marketers agreed that Facebook yields the most ROI. 

Facebook Ads Can Be Customised

What’s good about Facebook ads is you can customise your promotion according to your varied objectives. If you want to use videos, images or a combination of both, you can. If you want to increase website traffic, increase your post engagement, gain more likes and followers, you can do those and more on your Facebook Business Manager. 

You Can Target Your Audience On Facebook

Aside from customisable media options, you can also target people through Facebook ads. Facebook’s data pool is humongous, and you can reach a specific intended audience by age, gender, location, job title, industry, marital status, behaviour and interests. You may also filter people’s connections if you want to avoid targeting those who already liked your page. There are also ways to reach a lookalike audience or Facebook users, similar to your current audience. It’s a good way to target people with the same demographic if you do not have enough information about them. 

You Can Also Retarget Your Audience

Some people may have had an interaction with your business. These are people who may have visited your website within a certain number of days, people who have engaged in your Facebook post or people who have watched your videos, etc. Facebook allows you to retarget these people, and it would be easier to convince them to like your page, engage in your pots or make a purchase as they are already aware of your business. 

Facebook Ads Are Easy To Navigate

Setting up your Facebook Business Manager and navigating your Facebook Ads Manager is easy as 1-2-3. Facebook offers tutorials that you can read, or you may watch tutorial videos on Youtube.