Six Social Media Content Tips For Your Online Business
14 Dec 2020
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Six Social Media Content Tips For Your Online Business

Gone are the days when businesses would pay hefty amounts for TV spots, magazine print ads and radio commercials to get their message across their intended audiences. With the rise of technology and the internet, everything changed. In a snap, you are skipping ads while watching your favourite Youtube video. The next day, you are reading an article from a news website, and pop-ups appear. Indeed, the use of social media to boost business has overtaken traditional media.

Yes, social media is now considered as a tool for advertising and promotion. And if you are planning to jump on the digital bandwagon, you have to know that you are not alone. There is a sea of businesses in the realm of social media, and you also have to take note that you are competing for that digital space. So how do you stand out from the rest? Here are some simple tips that you may want to consider.

Attention-Grabbing Visuals

One thing you need to know about the netizens or the people of the internet is that their attention span is short. With several contents to look at, it takes only a second or two for them to scroll down on their screen. Thus, you better have that captivating visual to catch their eyes. Add a bit of an equally relatable or intriguing copy, and you have their eyes on you!

Short But Sweet

When you create your visuals, pair with a concise copy that says everything that you need to say, the netizens attention span is short, and a long narrative may not work your way. Remember, you’re not writing a novel, so keep your copy short but with a kick!

Hit The Hearts and The Likes

Reactions are created so people would be able to express how they feel on things they see on their social media feed. But not everything you post may elicit feedback, and that’s not a good sign. So when designing your content, always keep in mind your audience. Consider looking at the reaction icons on Facebook. It has to be relatable and hits at least one of those emoticons, er, emotions.

Stories Matter

Most of the viral contents on social media falls under one criterion - they all have narratives. When you’re on social media, people browse it primarily to entertain themselves. Limit hard-sell ads and embed your brand in narratives where people can relate.

Consider Content Format

Social media is a humongous pool of content in several formats. Your content could be in static images, rich media like GIFs, blogs and even in videos. Know which format of content your audiences are more drawn to. Remember that these people are the ones who are moving your brand across the platform so appease them with contents in formats that appeal to them the most.

Take Care of Your Community

Your likers and followers are your digital community and one of the simplest ways to keep them happy is to always respond to them. Social media users want to be seen and most of the time seek validation online. A simple reaction or reply to their message are deeply appreciated.