Tips On How To Handle Negative Reviews Online
23 Feb 2021
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Tips On How To Handle Negative Reviews Online

Tips On How To Handle Negative Reviews Online

Responding to a negative review is as important, if not more important, than responding to your positive reviews. It can be challenging to write a fitting response to negative feedback because it could either put the fire out or inflame the situation. It would be best if you were very cautious about handling this feedback, or it could result in an even bigger headache.

So how do you handle a negative review of your business? Below are some handy tips on what to do and what not to do when responding to negative reviews.

Do not let the negative review go unnoticed

One of the common mistakes when handling your social media profile, especially for small and medium businesses without a dedicated social media expert, is not checking it enough. Especially as a beginner to social media marketing, there is a lot of information to take in. We often focus on creating new content rather than checking messages and comments. When you spot a negative review or comment, be sure to respond to it.

Don’t respond right away

It is crippling to read negative feedback about your business. It may hit you but never let your emotion be your anchor when you respond. Always remember:

  1. When you respond to a single commenter, you don’t only react to him/her, but all eyes are on you!
  2. Take this as an opportunity to make things right. It is also an excellent opportunity to build better customer relations, primarily when you handle the situation correctly. And when you turn things around, the power shifts back to you.
  3. It shines the light on how well you manage your customer complaints. It’s an assurance that the negative feedback won’t happen again or will be handled right.

And when you respond

Apologise and learn how to empathise. Put yourself into the shoes of the reviewer and acknowledge their concern. You may begin with, “We’re sorry to hear that” or “We are sorry to hear about your experience.”

Explain your side by telling them about your customers’ experience. Try to infuse your statement with a little marketing. You may write something like: “Our customers usually commend us for high-quality wholesale products and great customer service, and we regret that we’ve fallen short.”

Take the conversation somewhere private, possibly as an offline message. We can’t keep the conversation running in our customers’ watch. So better have a talk over email or via a private message. It does not only deescalates the issue, but it may also make the customer feel special as they have your attention.

Keep your response short and sweet

Keeping your response concise allows you to avoid saying other things that may bring up other issues. Keep this in mind: A short phrase that consists of only three paragraphs is the golden rule of thumb.

Never include your business names or search keywords

When you respond to a negative review, never include your business name or relevant search keywords in your written response as search engines might pick it up.

Have the review removed

If you found the negative review to be baseless and might create significant damage to your business, have it removed. Sites like Yelp, Google and Facebook have different ways to remove a particular review away from your platform.