Wholesale Mobility Is Now The Exclusive Distributor of The Quingo Scooter Range
01 Apr 2021
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Wholesale Mobility Is Now The Exclusive Distributor of The Quingo Scooter Range

Wholesale Mobility Is Now The Exclusive Distributor of The Quingo Scooter Range

Wholesale Mobility is proud to announce that we have partnered with Advanced Vehicle Concepts Ltd, the home of Quingo, to become their new and exclusive importer for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Wholesale Mobility will be carrying the unique, patented five-wheeled Quingo scooter range under their wing.

The highly-innovative Quingo Scooter range, known for its unique five-wheel design, also offers the following benefits:

Delivers Stability Like No Others

Quingo scooter's unique 5-wheel design delivers a stability system that allows it to stay agile even when turning in tight circles. Its active tri-wheel steering helps stabilise the scooter and enables users to navigate on uneven surfaces easily. Whether you drive on rough terrains and slopes, Quingo's got you covered!

Safer Maneuverability

No more fear when driving in tight spaces with a Quingo scooter! The Quingo scooter's innovative design offers safer manoeuvrability from a turning circle as small as 102cm. This quality allows safer and tighter turns in shops and confined areas.

Exceptional Comfort

With adaptive footplates, fully ergonomic posture control and 80% more foot space, expectation comfort is attained with a Quingo scooter. These qualities give the user less stress on the back, hips, knees and ankle joints with its precise leg and foot positioning.

Unparalleled Performance on Kerbs

With its 5-wheel design, a Quingo scooter can cope with kerbs up to a 45-degree angle and up to 3 inches in height and have the capacity to ascend and descend kerbs at angles.

Great Adaptability

Quingo scooters are engineers to adapt to their users' needs. It boasts of superior posture control with adaptive footplates that support the feet and legs precisely.

Quingo Models Coming this May

Quingo Air 2

The Air 2 is a portable mobility scooter that features a five-wheel patented Quintell design that does not only provide a great driving experience but offers superior safety features.

Quingo Plus

The Quingo Plus is an updated version of the Quingo Classic. Aside from the 5-wheel Quingo design, it also boasts additional comfort and usability features, such as high and low-speed selection, a broader range and a large adjustable captain seat.

Quingo Vitesse 2

The Quingo Vitesse 2 also features the innovative 5-wheel Quingo design that is as stable as a 4-wheel scooter with the maneuverability of a 3-wheel machine. It has ergonomic for added comfort, has a 182 kg capacity and is ideal for use on footpaths, shopping centres and rougher terrain.

Quingo Flyte

The Quingo Flyte is a self-loading scooter that does not need any lift. With its self-loading capability and remote-controlled docking system, you can effortlessly load it onto an SUV or 4x4 in less than a minute.

Quingo Toura 2

The Quingo Toura 2 is a top of the line scooter from the Quingo range with a carrying capacity of 220kg and a travel range of up to 88km; this scooter makes the perfect car replacement.

Wholesale Mobility has a wide and extensive distribution network that can take the Quingo brand to each corner of the Australian and New Zealand market. We are also committed to providing nothing but great service to our customers. We will guarantee Advanced Concepts Ltd that Wholesale Mobility will be the most reliable and trustworthy representative of the Quingo brand.

Do you want to carry this beautifully designed and innovative scooter in your retail business? Visit our website, www.wholesalemobility.com.au or email us at sales@wholesalemobility.com.au now.