Why You Should Invest in a Recline Chair?
18 May 2021
Recline Chairs

Why You Should Invest in a Recline Chair?

Why You Should Invest in a Recline Chair?

With so many things happening around us, we really need to keep up to be able to survive. In our everyday lives, we battle to stay on top of our careers and continue grinding to achieve our goals. But in between our hustles, we get exhausted and stressed out. While some people take stress for granted, did you know that stress can actually cause serious physical and mental health problems? 

Having a healthy lifestyle is essential in counteracting the negative effects of stress such as back pain, high blood pressure and headaches. But aside from keeping yourself fit and healthy, lift and recline chairs can also help you with managing stress. Did you know that recline chairs are a smart and simple way to reduce daily stress and promote relaxation in everyday life? Proof of that is the rising popularity of recline chairs not only in Australia but across the globe. 

An analysis report from the IMARC Group in 2019 mentioned that the recline chair market exponentially increased from 2014 to 2019. From its global sales value of 2641 (millions in US$), it skyrocketed to 3731 (millions in US$). That's around a 7.3% increase within the five-year time frame. 

The rapid growth in the popularity of recline chairs is mainly attributed to the increasing inclination of customers towards high-end luxury and comfort furniture, specifically among the highly urbanized population and millennial age group worldwide. 

While the popularity of recline chairs is at its peak in the United States and the European region is on an upward trend, the Asia Pacific market is also booming. In the APAC region, the market value of the recline chairs amounts to US$989 and Australia shares an estimate of US$70 of its grand total. According to the forecast, the recline chair market trend will continue to balloon in the coming years.

One of the reasons for the surge of recline chairs popularity is the rising stress among adults. With the high level of stress that may lead to health conditions like back/neck pain, inflammation, joint aches, high blood pressure and more, the presence of a recline chair can really be an easily accessible relief. 

Besides minimizing body pain, reducing pressure levels, and relieving stress, recline chairs can be laden with up-to-date mechanisms and state of the art technologies to cope with the customer's demands. This comfortable and luxurious seating furniture can be custom made and handcrafted to the client's measurements and requirements, including the shape of the back, seat size, leg length, design, and colour.

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