Movo Canopy


  • Compatible with most medium and large scooters
  • Suitable for rain or sun alike
  • Easy Installation
  • Grade 3 UV Resistance
  • Ultra-light at just 8.7kg
  • Well Ventilated

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  • Movo - Mobility Scooter Weather Shield - Small backrest adjustments


  • Movo - Mobility Scooter Weather Shield - Overview


  • Movo - Mobility Scooter Weather Shield - Assembly Instructions



  • Dimensions

    External: 740mm Internal:736mm
  • Heaviest Part

  • Total Width

    External: 29 inches / 740mm Internal: 26inches / 660mm
  • Main Material

    high-strength polycarbonate
  • Total weight


Product Description

The Movo Weather Shield offers all-year protection against the elements. The clever retractable technology allows the user to fold and unfold it in seconds with no effort and adjust to the current weather condition. Ultimately transforming from a Canopy to a Cabin and vice versa. It further allows for uninhibited turning and the use of mirrors and 360-degree views!

Being open in the back and not reaching all the way down, the wind can easily pass around the scooter, ensuring it can be used safely in windy conditions.

The high-quality materials used in the move, make for a stylish look, but more importantly a highly durable product.

Frame: High-strength polycarbonate and cast aluminium

Fabric & Zipper: water repellent, robust and heavy-duty 

Screen: Nautical grade 3 UV resistant mica for extra visibility and durability

The slim design of 74cm/29inches ensures that it easily fits through most doorways. While the ultra-lightweight design (8.7kg/19lbs) means this product is cheaper to ship and easier to install. 

Installing the Movo is easy, our step-by-step video will guide you through the process (roughly 25min), once assembled it can be installed/un-installed in less than 10 seconds.

The Movo scooter canopy, can be installed on all 3-wheel of 4-wheel mobility scooter using the square (1square inch) accessory bar or hitch located of the seat of the scooter. The perfect scenario requires a seat backrest height of 51cm/20inches, to allow for the support bracket to fit. However, there is a work-around for scooters with small backrests. Which can be viewed in our video. 

please note: INVACARE mobility scooters, will require an optional extra, the "centre hitch bracket", to ensure compatibility

Best of all the design of the Movo Weather Canopy allows for uninhibited turning without having to remove the mirrors of the scooter, making this a perfect all-round all-weather canopy!