Docking Station (Genie, Mobie, Transformer, Charge)


Key Features

  • Charge your battery when removed from scooter
  • Allows for off-board charging
  • Lights to indicate charge levels
  • No overcharging
  • Easy to use


  • Dimensions

    210 x 870 x 670
  • Total weight


Product Description

Product Code: SP1010

The Solax Docking Station is one of the most handy accessories for the Solax range. The main benefit of the docking station is that you don't have to remove the scooter from your car to charge the battery. It allows you to remove the battery and charge it remotely on your kitchen bench, reducing the number of times you need to load and unload your scooter.

*This model of docking station suits batteries of the SolaxMobie, Genie Plus, Transformer and Charge.