Lumbar Support Chair


  • Four independent motors, one to recline your back, lift your legs, adjust your head/ neck and one to adjust your lower back area (lumbar support)
  • Made from durable long-wearing fabric
  • Easy grip armrests
  • Convenient side pocket
  • Smooth and quiet motors
  • Soft touch light up controller
  • Weight capacity of 120kg
  • Also comes in leather with different style armrests

Product Description

Product Code: C350

The lumbar support chair is the ultimate lift and recline chair featuring four independent motors for maximum adjustablility and comfort. The top motor adjusts the head and neck piece. Another motor independently reclines the back, another lifts the legs and the fourth motor moves the lower back area of the chair forward and back, creating the perfect customisted support for your lower back area. The chair also lifts you all on its own which is perfect for anyone who struggles with standing. You can also keep your new chair in its raised position, sit down and use the controller to gently slide yourself back down to a fully seated position easily and carefully without the need to have to lower yourself all the way down to the chairs seat on your own.