Zero Gravity Chair


  • Slim, modern design
  • Removable Velcro fabric for easy cleaning
  • Easy to use four button remote control
  • Helps alleviate pressure on the lower back and bottom
  • Weight capacity up to 120kg


  • ISO Certification

  • Adjustable Seat Height

  • Backrest Angle

    Fully Adjustable
  • Controller

    Battery Back-up available as an optional extra
  • Motor

    3 - Motor Chair
  • Total Width

    Medium: 780mm Large:800mm
  • Backrest height

  • Total Depth

  • Stocked/Imported

  • Backstyle Options

    3-roll back
  • Available Sizes

    Medium & Large
  • Waterproof Options

    Chair Pads and Chair Protectors available as optional extras
  • Stocked Chair Seat Width - Medium

  • Stocked Chair Seat Height - Medium

  • Stocked Chair Seat Depth - Medium

  • Stocked Chair Footrest Length - Medium

  • Stocked Chair Seat Width - Large

  • Stocked Chair Seat Height - Large

  • Stocked Chair Seat Depth - Large

  • Stocked Chair Footrest Length - Large

  • Main Material

    Leather base with removable fabric cushions

Product Description

Product Code: C450

The Zero Gravity Chair is one of our most unique lift and recline chairs. Like the other chairs, the Zero Gravity has the ability to lift you to a nearly standing position. This is excellent for anyone with balance issues or weakness in the legs.

The way this chair reclines is actually what makes it so popular. First, your legs are raised to 90 degrees using a simple four-button remote. This position is ideal for anyone with edema (swelling in the legs). Once here, you are then tilted back into a "zero gravity" position with your legs raised even higher and your back being slightly reclined.  At this point you can still see the TV in front of you, or you can lay your head back, relax and take a much needed nap. You can then recline back even further, reaching a flat, bed-like position. Once reclined, this chair helps to alleviate pressure in the bottom and lower back by re-distributing your weight to other areas of the body. There is nothing more comfortable than finding the perfect position to relax in and the Zero Gravity chair offers you just that!

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